Learn your favourite tools through competitive play

Make learning fun and memorable with our different themed races!

Learn through doing
Remember through unique interactions
Speedy education with friendly races
Different durations and skills levels
'Onboarding' templates

Recognise special occasions from a distance

Easily coordinate personalised messages and visual scribbles of celebration for your special peers or workshop attendees

Online greeting cards for all occasions
No more losing the card somewhere around the office
Immediate delivery
Say goodbye to stamps
'Cards from Afar' templates

Human Connection and Celebration

Take a moment to give space to the real people behind the roles, and offer them moments of pressure-free joy.

Strengthen bonds between participants
Let each individual feel heard
Emphasis on making people feel good
Spark joy into your workshop
'Connections' templates

Upcoming Collections

On the roadmap, and we'll get members to vote on the ones they'll find most valuable
Presentation Slides
Elegant templates for a solid starting block when building out presentations in Miro and Mural
Unique and playful retro templates for a variety of occasions
Build your own office
Modular building blocks and furniture so you can architect your own rooms to host interactive exercises
Design Sprints
Taking the traditional sprint frameworks and going full-pull!
Workshop Design Systems
Modular components to ensure your templates look consistently polished and reliably engaging.
A bit of on-the-side play for teams to enjoy in between the main content.

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