We were born to design

Here at WRKSHP CNVS, we’re a group of expert workshop facilitators, product designers and educational specialists with a shared  passion for premium design, and workshops that work well.

We’re here to improve collaboration in the workplace by making the world of workshops a more visual and joyful place to be.

We believe no-one should need to be a designer to create visual workshops

Whether you have design skills or not, we want to make sure the barrier between you and a great looking workshop canvas is burned to the ground forever.

That’s why we make ready-to-run workshop templates of top end design quality, that let you jump straight into your session (whilst still looking like you spent hours preparing for it).

Our templates

We want to put smiles on faces

Whether it be through the experience of novelty and play, or the satisfaction of getting a job done right the first time, we’re here to make sure that you and your team enjoy both the journey and the destination of your workshops.

We want you to learn something new from each template you use

It’s our mission to help everyone level up a little bit each time on their workshop canvas design, and that’s why we try to include educational offerings across each of our templates and our free resources.

So that every time you leave, you leave with something new.

Did you hear about our sister CNVS yet?

She's a visual toolkit for workshop facilitators and she's pretty darned awesome 😍.

7,000+ hand drawn icons, illustrations and frameworks to make your next workshop visual.
Save yourself hours and dollars on professional design time and skills
Make your content beautiful and fun
Check out CNVS

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